Cosy Calming Bed

£38.00 - £48.00

These beds are made to replicate the fur of the mother dog/siblings, and due to the dipped middle, when the dogs sleep in the bed the bed surrounds them, making them feel safe.

These beds are great for helping anxious dogs feel more at ease and are completely machine washable at 30 degrees.

Team this bed up with a calming spray and your dog should be feeling more relaxed in no time!

Currently available in
Small - 60cm x 60cm - good for small breeds such as chihuahuas up to westies
Medium - 80cm x 80cm - good for medium breeds like staffies and spaniels
Large - 100cm x 100cm - good for larger breeds such as labradors and malamutes

Colour options are currently:
Light Grey
Dark Grey

**Please allow 10 to 15 working days for your bed to arrive, as they are made to order** beds arrive vacuum packed and take about 24 hours to settle