Canny Collar (various sizes and colours)


The perfect training aid to assist with teaching your dog to not pull on the lead. The Canny Collar pulls from the back, rather than the side, so does not ride up over your dogs eyes, making it more comfortable than other head collars.

These collars are great for dogs that naturally pull from the nose, (spaniels, labradors, huskies etc) as allow for easier and more accurate control of the head.

Colours available:
black, red, blue or purple

collar sizes available: (neck measurement)
Size 1: 23-28cm (9-11 inches)
Size 2: 28-33cm (11-13 inches)
Size 3: 33-38cm (13-15 inches)
Size 4: 38-43cm (15-17 inches)
Size 5: 43-48cm (17-19 inches)
Size 6: 48-53cm (19-21 inches)
Size 7: 53-58cm (21-23 inches)